A bit about me…


I’ve been fascinated by transport and travel for as long as I can remember. I strongly believe that travel is the purest form of education.

Since I left school, I’ve travelled tens of thousands of miles by rail, across Britain, Europe and beyond. With over 500,000 miles flown too, I’ve come to have a strong interest in how humanity has made travel accessible and comfortable, reducing the size of the world and bringing people closer together.

You could say my primary interest is in transport products. I’m interested in all classes of travel to suit all budgets without favour. It’ll never not fascinate me how, at one end of the scale, you can spend 16 hours in First Class across the Pacific, eating caviar and steak while travelling in a tube with windows at 500 miles an hour through Arctic temperatures. At the other end of the scale, it’s mind-boggling to see products that democratise travel - whether it’s the cheap sleeper train across Europe solving the hotel and travel issues in one stroke, or £100 fares across the Atlantic in super-fuel efficient aircraft, making crossing the Atlantic seem like a veritable hop across a puddle.

I’ve worked for big travel brands in the past like Virgin Trains and CrossCountry, and cut my teeth in the world of social media analysis at the much less glamorous Ofgem - Britain’s energy market regulator. You can find out more about my recent work history on LinkedIn.

Prior to that, I worked for a couple of banks in entry-level jobs, and also for the Department for Work and Pensions, assessing people’s entitlement to sickness benefit. My very first jobs were cleaning an office, cleaning a nursing home and being a carer to elderly people with dementia.

I also had the privilege of attending a grammar school (a free, state-run, selective school with an entrance exam) during which I had some excellent opportunities to undertake some amazing school trips. In my time at school I went to Amsterdam, Belgium, Russia, and Malawi - the latter two were perspective-altering experiences which hooked me into travelling!

Most of my life skills were honed in the RAF Air Cadets, where I spent most of my spare time aged 14-19. My experiences taught me the value of teamwork, as well as self-reliance, accountability and hard work. I was lucky enough to be one of a handful chosen across the country to join the 2005 International Air Cadet Exchange programme; I travelled to the USA and was the guest of the Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force and several host families across Washington DC, Virginia, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Now in my early thirties, I’ve given up working for other people and work for myself. It’s an exciting time for me, and I hope you’ll join my adventures here and on YouTube.